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gelasiaThere are tons of free dating sites on the Internet. Looking for a free dating site that allows you to hook up is not a problem. It really isn’t. In fact, your big problem is trying to separate the ones that will get you laid from the ones that will just try to make money off you.

Make no mistake about it, even these websites don’t charge you a money, they still make money. That’s right. They will find a way to turn your traffic into cold, hard cash. That’s the reality you have to deal with and unfortunately this reality gets in the way of you getting your dick sucked or you fucking a tight hole. Seriously. Why? A lot of these places are populated with garbage profiles. I think you know what I’m talking about. These are profiles that feature the pictures of famous porn stars and famous celebrities. The last time I checked, Britney Spears isn’t on a free adult dating site looking for some hard dick. I hope you understand why a lot of these websites are fake.

It’s very easy to see how they make their money. A lot of these websites that don’t charge any fees have banners for penis enlargement, Viagra, and all sorts of garbage. It’s very easy to fall for these websites. After all, the word “free” is very addictive. People like free stuff.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a free lunch and there is no such thing as a free adult dating site. You are still paying. You may not be paying with cold, hard cash, but you’re paying with something far more valuable. I am of course talking about your time. Your time is your most precious asset. Why? For every second that you invest in doing something, you could be doing something else that can get you paid. It really is that simple.

Be very suspicious of a free dating site, no fees, and other such types of adult dating sites. I’m not saying that real sites don’t exist. However, they are few and far between. You have to know the difference between the fake ones and the real ones.

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