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hotmaiAsking why a free fuck Site is successful is really just a way of asking why Fuckbook is successful. The answer should be quite obvious. If you’ve ever used Fuckbook, then you can understand why it’s successful.

Fuckbook is so successful because it’s able to solve two of the biggest problems of any kind of website. They are able to solve the content problem as well as the traffic problem. If you’re a blogger, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You put up a blog post, and then you hate yourself the next day because you have to write another blog post. Then the next day, you have to hassle again with a new blog post.

You don’t have this problem with Fuckbook. Why? Once people join, they post a picture of themselves eating at some sort of restaurant. They might be eating complete shit, but it doesn’t really matter because they’re excited about the shit they ate that they would put pictures of it.

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You have to remember that guys are always looking for new pussy. It doesn’t matter whether he’s married, divorced, or single. He’s always looking for pussy. Why?

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The interesting thing is that while a FuckForFree Site has pirated certain aspects of Fuckbook’s game plan, it throws a few flavor nuggets along the way. It has its own distinct spin. Fuckbook of sex has a way of teasing you. It has a way of leaving you hanging. When you leave somebody hanging or in suspense, the reaction is almost predictable. They want more.

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